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Leg Wax Colorado Springs

Leg Wax Colorado Springs Get a quality leg wax in Colorado Springs at a great price when you stop by The Waxing Bee. Forget waxing at home, which can be messy and tricky- let the experts provide you with an efficient, comfortable leg wax and save yourself the time and hassle involved.

If you’ve never experienced a leg wax, you may be tempted to think that the service is too costly for what you get. The fact is though, that since waxing lasts for up to 6 weeks, it’s considered to be a very affordable service. A full legs wax is only $60 with a half legs wax costing only $40.

There are numerous reasons why you should treat yourself to a leg wax at Colorado Springs Waxing Bee:

- Did you know waxing is replacing shaving by more and more people who are discovering its benefits? In fact, it’s soon to become the number one go-to service for beauty maintenance, due to its affordable and efficient nature.

- The Waxing Bee does not double-dip their wax sticks, unlike many competitors around the CO Springs area. Double-dipping contaminates the entire wax container. Technicians at The Waxing Bee dip waxing sticks one time into the sterile wax, apply to the client’s skin one time and immediately discard the stick for the protection of their entire clientele.

- All estheticians at The Waxing Bee are CO State licensed and insured, having been thoroughly trained by the owner of the company to provide consistent, friendly and efficient services on every occasion.

- Waxing enables clients to toss out all of the shaving clutter on their bathroom sink and tub areas, clearing the areas for an easier bathroom maintenance routine. If you’re tired of looking at all those handles, blades, bottles, sticks and accessories, we invite you to discover how waxing can free you from the shaving cycle.

- Waxing may seem more costly on the surface, but the fact is that it will save you money over time, considering the expensive shaving accessories that must be continually purchased and used day after day.

- Hair that grows out after waxing is soft and fine, compared with prickly stubble that grows in almost immediately after shaving. You can expect to go from 4-6 weeks without having to shave after a leg wax from The Waxing Bee in Colorado Springs.

- Many women find that due to the nature of the soft, fine hair that grows back, they are not inclined to be as diligent about hair removal as before they started waxing.

- Of course, there is the time-saving factor that comes into play when you aren’t chained to your razor every day. In the event that an intimate occasion should arise, you’ll have confidence that your mate will find very appealing.

Stop by The Waxing Bee for the best leg wax in all of Colorado Springs. Located at 3952 North Academy Blvd in Suite E, The Waxing Bee is centrally located for the convenience of clients. Leg Wax Colorado Springs
The Waxing Bee
3952 North Academy Blvd. Suite E Colorado Springs, CO 80917

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Leg Wax Colorado Springs