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Tell me how I look  Yes or No to black jacket? - Photo 01 by Tell me how I look  Yes or No to black jacket?- Photo 02 by

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"Yes or No to black jacket?"

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Suggestions from others

yes for the black jacket!

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it depends on where are you wearing it so with jacket you look a little social and without jacket you are much casual so if you going out jacket

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depend on the wether and occasion, without the jacket it is much more relexed casual. with the jacket you can go for casual evening gathering

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no jacket

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No my name of Lila if O were you I would not wear the black jacket because you look better with out it.

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Girll, no to that whole outfit. just wear a little dress, a waist high skirt that's a plain color have a crop top shirt. or jeans and a hoodie. xoxo

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well if I were to suggest, I would have styled it in this way...

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