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Tell me how I look  Ok so tomorrow is my last day of school and I wanna look  cute and want to have all the other boys looking at me ideas? - Photo 01 by

By Mia (11)


"Ok so tomorrow is my last day of school and I wanna look cute and want to have all the other boys looking at me ideas?"

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Suggestions from others


so if i was u I would wear my hair down (just in case bring a hairbrush) and if u have like a croptop and some shorts would look cute. something simpl

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I would suggest putting you hair up in a cute messy bun with some hair's pulled out from the front. For the clothes, wear a solid color tee or tank :)

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Mia. Take your time with life dear.

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I suggest that you put your hair half up in a bun, and wear a light blue off-shoulder with a dark colored skirt, also wear flats.

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Hair in a high pony tail a short crop top and shorts.

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since it is summer you could wear shorts and a shirt that has been cut in the back. or an off the shoulder shirt

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Mabe you should wear 2 French or Dutch braids with is choker, skinny Jean's, a shirt and denim vest with high tops.

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Just wondering, how old r u?? i see alot of crop top suggestions and i dont think so just do some high waisted jeabs or shorts, and a solid color tee!

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beanie, sweater,leggings,boots knee high socks,and,scarf... depending on weather

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Hey Mia, I suggest to wear something casual but beautiful. Try something like this.

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tight and short and blue

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I thought no bangs would be cute and wear whatever you want. Boys your age don't seem to care much about girls style . they will notice you for you

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