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Tell me how I look  which shoes are better for a casual day? - Photo 01 by Tell me how I look  which shoes are better for a casual day?- Photo 02 by

By cheeer_girl (12)

Rhode Island

"which shoes are better for a casual day?"

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Suggestions from others


The white pair. They look more trendy

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Kristin Swan

i prefer the white ones as well. also they are a good fit with many types of pants (denim...)

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white ones

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The white Jordan's are flexing....White all the way.

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the black ones

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I mean in my opinion either or really because they are both sneakers and sneakers are an automatic casual wear 🙂

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I would clean them both up a little, first. Then if it were me I would throw on a pair of light blue jeans, a white fitted tee, and the white sneaker

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