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Tell me how I look  Hi, suggest ways to improve this outfit?  - Photo 01 by

By Swati (9)

New York

"Hi, suggest ways to improve this outfit? "

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Suggestions from others

Kristin Swan

it's already very nice as is. a large belt and/or a scarf would make it even better

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I would make the skirt sit lower on your waist. That would make you look taller. Great outfit btw

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accessories like multi layered necklaces and bracelets as well as an oversize bag

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that's already a super cute e outfit. you could maybe have a messy bun with it too and have some pretty brackets and/or necklaces

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wear a rights shirt to contrast with the skirt insted

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so beautiful as it is. few variations, layered metal neckpiece 2 give a false neckline, definitely open hair, platform heels n maybe tuck d top full

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the shirt is way to big in my opinion if you wear the skirt you should wear a more fitted blouse. Floral pattern... maybe a lil split at the shoulder type of blouse honey

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Käëlä Jönës

Lose the skirt and the top! You need to be more out there girl! The colors that are in your favor are plum, yellow, and blue. Geta nice dress not a 2p

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