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Tell me how I look ? not sure this dress fits me. What u think? - Photo 01 by

By Paula13


"not sure this dress fits me. What u think?"

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Suggestions from others


It does. Is that for a special occasion?

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The shape of the dress fits you well. Maybe the color could be changed for something more convention

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Unregistered user

Cute dress, but not your color

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I have to say the dress looks amazing on you...both fit and color! Your skin tone, make up and hair color all look great with the dress color. The only thing I'd change is a little less jewelry. Perhaps smaller earrings and/or one less bracelet.

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yess very nice gives u a very classy look but i would suggest changin the lipstick color of ur lips too pink for the dress ur wearin

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No, sorry Paula. I think this color doesn't match with your skin tone. Maybe a blue version of the same dress will be better.

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the dress in nice. it will be perfect with green high heels. if you close your hear above your head that will be better.

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i agree. bad color good fit

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I like this dress.. however I believe your hairstyle should be different... floral is a never ending trend.. it's the romantic type style and it's great to show this style boldy. I would out my hair in a bun if I were you hun.

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the colour is too bright on you you can go with something smooth as light blue or green

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