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Tell me how I look  I need a new style for my everyday life. should I change it? - Photo 01 by

By Eryn Walker


"I need a new style for my everyday life. should I change it?"

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Suggestions from others

hello there, 👋🏾🙂 it really depends on the type of person that you are hun. If you are a more relaxed natural type style person and you want to change up a bit maybe aim for more creative type clothing and hair styles! more colors, patterns and designs in your wardrobe and look. Overall make sure you are comfortable with whatever style you choose! That's important hun! Also keep your styles original! Be sure to always express who you truly are in all you do and wear! 🙂 ☝🏾

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go for it

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It depends on your age tbh. If you are an anime fan, you look classy. In other circles you could try one small cute access. You have great color sense

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