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Tell me how I look  I need help figuring out a color to dye my hair it could be any color im just not sure.  - Photo 01 by

By GoldenKiwi


"I need help figuring out a color to dye my hair it could be any color im just not sure. "

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Suggestions from others

maybe some light blonde highlights and layers or a little curl flare! that would look excellent on you hun!

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for a bad *** look dye the bottoms bright red. you would also look good with an auburn hair color or even bright blonde 💖💖💖

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Maybe a reddish brown or burgundy

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if I were you I would do a lighter Brown with some burgundy highlights

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real bright color like fire red

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If truly any color, midnight purple highlights would be beautiful. try wella professionals. A deep red or blond otherwise. Cooler colors the better.

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potatoperson I think this hair color would look great on you.

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with green eyes and light colored skin a darkish red is very pretty i know people are all into bright colors and all that not worth it

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Maybe teal or lilac as they are already so in this season. Also since you have a fair skin tone, it'll really complement you

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Check out this link I'm pretty sure a similar hair cut and color will suit you wonderfully Good luck:)

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ok so your hair is nice already , my mom is a hair stylist and I think you should get some layers that way your hair would look nice with curls

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