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Tell me how I look  should I wear this on a date  - Photo 01 by

By BrianandJenn

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"should I wear this on a date "

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Suggestions from others

it really depends on the kind of date you are going on. if it's an outdoor activity such as horse back riding then that's ok but a dinner date no

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Too ordinary. If you going for a date. Like dinner date, Much better look if you wear dress and paired of heels.

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It depends on what kind of activity you'll be doing on the date. If it's something like a rodeo night then it's fine. other than that, a cute dress.

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For a laid-back date yes.

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no.something more feminine or stylish is better as a date wear.

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If you’re going on a date you should wear something sexy like a red dress and high heels with a fur with you

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If i were you i would wear something sexy to make him speechless like a white sleeveless with a black vest and a red skirt and high heels 😉

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Dependinh where you are going like if it is something outdoors then go for it but if iys like a dinner or movie then not really

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Only if u r very comfortable with the person or are trying to give a different impression of u

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