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Tell me how I look  I don't feel very confident with my face. any advice?  - Photo 01 by Tell me how I look  I don't feel very confident with my face. any advice? - Photo 02 by

By olesya_12 (11)


"I don't feel very confident with my face. any advice? "

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Suggestions from others

You should feel confident. You have a beautiful face. Any hair style with your hair up will look great: ponny tails, buns...

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you have a beautiful face ! You could try getting some bangs or cutting your hair a few inches shorter

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Iron your hair color it with blonde or light brown and wear make up ... nude make up will do because your face is so white. You’re already pretty

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Your face is beautiful but maybe a little concealer and fill in the brows a bit

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dont be mad at what im going to say, but you need makeup. and dont buy the cheap stuff. mac is a ggod line. smokie eye shadow

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don't need to worry.

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Luna Chatigny

Hair down with a full smile would be a good way to go. Also bright blue or teal would bring out your eyes well! ☺️

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You are already beautiful and flawless, you dont need much make up. Maybe just lipstick, brow powder and mascara. Wanna try this?

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You have a clean look, and leaving your hair down seems most flattering. I would just the part be a bit more to the side.

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A shorter haircut on you would really bring out the beauty in your face but youve got it. symmetry, aesthetic colors(blues and pinks) and even skin <3

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