About us

What is your purpose?
We care about helping people to be successful by looking good.

How can I get styled for free?
On the main screen click on 'Try On. Selfie. Get advice' to access the free styling service. Write your question, take a selfie to show us and select the type of response you want. You are all set!

Why some questions are blurred?
A question is visible or blurred depending on its type. For example, if a user asks a question to Professional Stylists then only them will be able to see it, for the normal users the photos will be blurred. It is the same process if it is questions directed to Facebook friends only.

What are the different types of questions I can ask in the "Try On. Selfie." section?
When you publish a new question to get style advice you must choose within 3 options. The response you will have depends on the type you have asked for.
- Quick: all users can see your photos in the directory therefore you have a quicker response.
- Connected: only your Facebook friends that you have selected will see your photos.
- Premium: only professional stylists and senior trusted users (>10 stars) will see your photos.

What is the different between a free user account and a professional user account?
The free user account gives you access to the majority of the application features: ask a question to get free style advice, style models, be visible in the consultant ranking, etc.
The professional account can be subscribed for a monthly fee and gives you more options such as your own pages to advertise your skills, your photos in all the directory/ranking, the option to create Premium services, etc.

How does the Image Consultant ranking work?
Stylists, Consultants, etc. can be recognised for the quality of their advice by other users. They receive a Star for each piece of advice that a registered user considers awesome on our Application. The more Stars, the better position in the ranking.
The ranking is opened to all users (free accounts and professional accounts).

What is a Premium service in the page "hire me" of a Stylist?
Premium services are payable style consulting services created by Professional users. They come in addition to the free style advice offered in the page "Try On. Selfie". The content of the services and their prices are up to the Professionals as long as they respect the Look For Success Terms and General Conditions.
The users subscribe to these Premium Services through the application, Look For Success collects the payments in a secured way and transfers the money to the Professionals on a monthly base. The Professional stylists are responsible to provide to the users/buyers the services according to their description. Look For Success will not intervene between the user/buyer and the Professional stylist/seller in any way, all disagreements must be settle between those two.