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Personal shoppers NYC, personal stylists & image consultants, get noticed!

Being in touch with potential clients who wish to improve their Image is always a challenge for stylists, coaches, consultants. LookForSuccess is an online platform to connect with people who have questions about their image and Professionals who advise them.

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You can create your own pages with us, upload photos or videos of your work, etc. to increase your visibility on the market.
Fashion stylishs, clothing stylists, image consultants, personal stylists, wardrobe consultants, personal shoppers NYC, personal trainers, plastic surgeons or others, you are welcome to try our services and grow your business!

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How to dress

What to wear today? What clothes to buy? How to dress for a job interview? All these questions can be answered at no cost and in real time*. So whether you are at home in front of your wardrobe or in the fitting room of a store you will always have the advice of someone to help you to make the right choice!

Why do people want to
dress well?

It is not a secret, when we look good we feel good. Using the services of an Image Consultant in NYC (personal shopper NYC, stylist, trainer…) helps us to perform at higher levels in our personal and professional life; we dream bigger because our new Image allows us to face each day with much more confidence. It fast tracks our careers and makes us more attractive to the other people in our life and even to ourselves.

What makes us

At we care about helping people to be successful and happy in life by looking good. To achieve this goal we are changing the business model of the industry by offering a free and quick access to Image Consulting so everybody can dress for success

What is an Image Consultant?

Image Consultants show people how to create a fabulous impression. Our image is more than just physical appearance: in addition to how someone looks, we also form impressions based on how someone talks and behaves. Image Consultants NYC are trained to analyze and identify exactly what will work best for each individual client and they help the client define their unique signature STYLE.

What is a Personal Stylist?

A personal Stylist's main job is to pull together clothing and accessories for a given client. They provide insights on how to dress well: how wardrobes should be worn, what accessories will complement a particular outfit, what outfit colour will suit the client, and many more. Personal Stylist NYC is a different job than a fashion stylist who pulls together looks that are best for a given project only like a photo shooting.

What is a Personal Shopper?

A Personal Shopper shops for everything from clothing to shoes to more personal items, depending on their area of expertise. The Personal Shopper NYC is hired by clients who do not have the time, skills or motivation for this task. She/he can be employed by a department store, however many are freelance or work exclusively online.